Gabriele Golisano


"See the magnificence and the decadence of the world at the same time"

The world around us is a world of beauty and pain, joy and hate.
On one side there are parents who celebrate their son's first steps and on the other a bomb kills dozens of people. On one side a beautiful sunset at the sea, in the plains or in the mountains and on the other side a turtle dies stuck in the plastic. While a missing person is found, a father commits suicide after killing his wife and daughter.

This storm of contrasts that seem to balance one another creates an evil balance in the world. Both joy and pain awaken strong and deep emotions within us. Several reasons generate the same intense emotional reaction. That's why in front of a sunset or a dawn that generates a strong emotion, the storm of contrasts appears before us.

In front of a mountain or a sea landscape, that makes us move and block our eyes, appear before our eyes images of joy and pain, that coexist in the world, fighting each other. That's how we see again the child who starts walking hand in hand with the terrorist who places the bomb, and the beautiful sunset that hides against the turtle stuck in the plastic.

Now we see the magnificence and the decadence of the world at the same time

Realizzato da Artmajeur