Gabriele Golisano

Expressing feelings and emotions through painting, drawing and photography, gives to me a huge comfort and freedom. These are the tools that allow me to put on paper the images that materialize in my eyes and in my mind.

Gabriele Golisano was born in 1993 in Rome. He attends the scientific high school, and since childhood he've got a special passion for world, skiing and nature. He is the creator of the journal road93, a documentary photography project about life. He expresses himself through painting and photography, letting the emotions determine his creations.

The artworks go out from the personality of the artist, and they are the result of his life experiences. It's a way to meditate, putting the feelings on the canvas and take them out.

The names he gives to his works are not related to the painting, in fact, you can't see the title in what is painted, but it refers to the feelings and the emotions that led to the creation of the single artwork. This makes each work unique in itself, because the painting is the result of a specific emotion moment.

In his works the artist tries to express the strong - and sometimes painful - emotions of this world, transforming them into something beautiful and pleasing to the eye, representing scenes that he loves, like mountain landscapes, islands or lakes.

His artworks can not be bought. He thinks Art should not be available for the market, but must be in a project of freedom and sharing.

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